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Win/Win Utopian gun control idea for Left and Right

Just throwing this out there:

1) For the left: Return all troops and close down all foreign bases.  End all foreign wars and let the world take care or not take care of itself without American blood.

2) For the right: Use all these US Military Troops to protect our schools with their big shiny expensive full powered automatic guns.

3) For the middle: Kids protected plus our troops spend money locally on bars, strip joints, entertainment, families with local economies benefitting.

4) Don’t ask me what we will do when a depressed Marine opens up with his automatic on some school auditorium.  We utopians provide you cool ideas, you guys and gals work out the details of implementing ideas in your gun filled world…

5) While letting the world take of itself, we should allow Iran to have Nuclear Weapons.  Remember NRA logic, if everyone has guns nukes, then everyone is deterred from using guns nukes.