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Scientist asks, "Is Earth Fucked?"


Short answer: Yes, so long as we continue extracting and polluting the earth’s resources.


brad werner aguBrad Werner, a complex-systems analyst at UC San Diego, spoke Wednesday in San Francisco at the American Geophysical Union conference, io9 reports. The talk’s title: “Is Earth F**ked? Dynamical Futility of Sustainability via Direct Action Activism:”

“What happens is not too surprising: the economy very fast chews up the environmental resources, depletes those reservoirs, resulting in a significant amount of environmental damage,” Werner said during his talk. He is still finishing up the model, so no details on the inputs and the final simulations are available. Still, I asked him afterward to clarify if his model had answered his baseline question. Is Earth fucked? “More or less,” he said.
The answer, he says, is activism.
Werner’s presentation (search for it here) is being covered by a lot of sci-news sites. But, the best coverage I’ve read is by science blogger Michael Ricciardi of Planet Save

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